If you are dissatisfied with an item purchased from our Webstore you may return it notifying us within 48 hours, for a refund, replacement or exchange provided that the conditions of our Refund & Exchange policy have been satisfied.
If you need to refund, replace or exchange an item, please contact us prior to returning the product to us via email glow@liquidgold-natural.com. If you change your mind about your purchase, Liquid Gold is happy to refund, exchange or replace the item as long as it is in as new condition, unused, and returned within 7 days of receiving the item from us.
All postage costs returning items will be at your expense. Liquid Gold takes no responsibility for returned items that do not reach us. We suggest that you get postal insurance before sending the items. Once we receive your Item with a reported fault, we will send it to our manufacturers within 48hrs for testing. If the fault is covered under our Manufacturers warranty will pass a refund/replacement/exchange based on the results. If the damage was as a result of misuse by you, we will return the item as is back to you and no refund/exchange or replacement

How to return items

Before you return the item, either email us or call us to let us know that you are returning an item prior to posting it back to us and the reason for your return. We will then provide you with our Returns Warehouse Address. You can contact us via: Email: glow@liquidgold-natural.com Phone: 060 710 8299

Conditions on Return Items

•Returns must be in its original condition – new,unopened & unused