Liquid Gold Naturals is an all natural skin care brand especially formulated with you in mind. Just as Gold goes through the refining process of 1000 degrees, to rid itself of impurities, in order to get to its most purest form, so too does your body with The Liquid Gold series. With the key ingredient Gluthathione. It is a super antioxidant which is used by every cell in your body to dispose of toxins and maintain the body's defense system. Glutathione & Vitamin C, combined with other natural vitamins increases your Glutathione levels and detoxifies the body from toxins, neutralizing free radicals, resulting in the skin having its natural glow Benefits include: • A brighter more evenly toned complexion • Supports improvement of hair, nails and skin • A radiant glow wrinkles are improved • Acne, pimples and scars become less evident Treats All forms of Hyper-pigmented Skin Types, brightening, Antioxidant, blemishes as well as hydration, skin rejuvenation & anti aging For a full range of products, contact the following distributors : Jhb : 0680106865